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Home for flat-coated retrievers, english cocker spaniels and shetland sheepdogs.
We have Moved!!!

Now Located in Park Rapids, Minnesota



My passion for animals began as a young child begging my parents for a pet. I began 4-H and researched dog breeds when I decided on the shetland sheepdog. I began training in obedience, and later in agility. While in college I volunteered at an animal shelter and took an all black dog out to try to find it a home. Someone approached and said it looked like a flat-coated retriever. So began my research into a breed I had never heard of. I quickly fell in love with all the breed had to offer. I met Traci Spires (Shannara) at a dog show in Minnesota. She didn't have anything when I was ready for my first and referred me to Kerry Forni (Wind Dancer). Enter into my life Rookie- 

(Wind Dancer's All Stars & Stripes).



The meaning behind my logo and kennel name 

Catori is a native word meaning Spirit.

Dogs have lead me to chase my dreams, and just like an arrow we may get pulled back but soar ahead stronger than before.

Shawna Lea - Catori Kennels

Rookie - Wind Dancer's All Stars & Stripes


Catori First Puppies

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