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Puppy Rearing

I follow the "Puppy Culture" program when raising my puppies. One difference is that she keeps her puppies until at least 10-12 weeks. I'm not convinced that 8 weeks and on isn't important time for the puppies to begin bonding and training with their own people. I have always been able to get my puppies at 8 weeks. I don't feel that there has been any socialization that I couldn't give them that a breeder could by keeping them. That being said, continuing that foundation is important. The part of the program that I follow builds that important socialization foundation. New people to the breed and perhaps first time puppy owners would need to learn the methods to continue socialization as I will not disagree that the 10-12 week period is an important learning period for puppies. I encourage puppy owners to continue where I left off, and I think this program does an excellent job of outlining how to do this for the novice trainer, or advanced.

Why they made the film -

A more in-depth look at the program

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