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FCRSC 2018 National Specialty

Event News -

We travelled to the National hosted in Edmonton Alberta. Rookie, Juliet, Tryst and baby Adam all joined us on the adventure. Tryst wins a 5 point major by winning winner's female/best of winners from the bred by class. At the specialty she won second in bred-by. Rookie took a spin around the ring once again in the 11+ veteran class, while he was the only one in his class, I was proud to get to show him at his lovely age of 12. Baby Adam had his debut and won Best Baby Puppy in Specialty. For Brood I took in Juliet, Keira with Tryst and Reiss with Adam, and we won 2nd place.

The highlight of the trip was watching our juniors show for the first time. Keira won her class showing Tryst, Reiss was fourth with Rookie in the same class. Curtis rocked it in the Intermediate class with Juliet, winning second. This was with 19 total juniors showing. The kids had a wonderful first experience with Judge Lori Kunz and asked when they get to show again.

Summary of Placements

Tryst - Winner's Female/Best of Winners

Juliet - 2nd Place Brood

Rookie - 1st in 11+ Veteran

Adam - Best Baby Puppy

Keira with Tryst - 1st in Junior Novice

Reiss with Rookie - 4th in Junior Novice

Curtis with Juliet - 2nd in Intermediate Novice

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